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Event Catering In Broward County by Sweet Aloha Ice Cream

Private and Corporate Catering in Broward County has never been so onolicious (Hawaiian way to say incredibly delicious) and sweet!  Literally! Whether you have visited Hawaii or always dreamed about it, wait no longer, Sweet Aloha Ice Cream is bringing Hawaii and that aloha experience to your home or business.


Sweet Aloha Ice Cream offers our premium-quality homemade ice cream and our authentic Hawaiian handcrafted shave ice brand, Haole Boys Shave Ice, as private and corporate catering packages perfect for a variety of catering event needs.


We offer on-site catering to your home or office and off-site catering anywhere in Broward County, including catering at remote locations at the beach, the public park and even on your boat or yacht.


Table-Top Catering Service


Our table-top catering service is perfect for most home or business catering in Broward county.  For smaller catering events, 150 guests or less, we bring a six-foot table system, fitted table skirt(s) and all the equipment and supplies needed to accommodate your catering event.  Our only request to ensure successful a catering event is for you to place us on a level surface with access to electricity withing fifteen feet.  However, in the event you are hosting a remote catering event (i.e the beach, the park or on a remote island, etc.), we can bring our mobile generator for an additional charge.


Catering Service Expectations


For your catering service anywhere in Broward County, you can expect our arrival approximately thirty to forty-five minutes prior to scheduled service time for load-in (unload and setup our catering equipment and supplies).  Once setup is complete, we’ll let you know we’re ready to start your catering service for the allotted time requested per your catering service contract.  Once our catering service has started, you can expect a line and nothing but smiles and aloha for the rest of your catering event.


Catering Service Extension


Occasionally, clients love our on-site catering services so much they ask to extend our catering for additional time.  If desired, the client can request the employees extend the catering in 30-minute increments (pending management approval) and available supplies, for an additional fee.  Please review your catering quote or contract for specific price quote.


Catering Service Completion

After the catering event allotted time, we’ll clean up, load out (pack up and remove all catering equipment and supplies) and perform a final walk-through inspection to complete the catering service.  At such time, the client can offer any tip(s) directly to our catering staff.

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