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Ice Cream Flavours

About Us

Homemade Premium Ice Cream and Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice.

Hand-scooped, hand-crafted and served with aloha, daily!

Sweet Aloha Ice Cream has its roots in the owner's Huntington Beach-based Haole Boys Shave Ice, a business launched as a mobile catering business and food truck in 2014.  Since then, the shave ice business has served the Southern California market from Los Angeles to San Diego Counties.  Voted as one of top food trucks in Orange County, twice, Haole Boys Shave Ice is recognized as one of the top shave ice brands in SoCal.  The Haole Boys Shave Ice brand has supported thousands of private and corporate events and dozens of charities over the years and has numerous celebrity and corporate clients, including major sports franchises.

Fast forward, the owners relocated to South Florida in 2021 leaving the Haole Boys Shave Ice food truck to be managed by a few loyal and dedicated employees giving them the time to focus on developing their first ice cream recipes and, later, the Sweet Aloha Ice Cream brand.  What started with just a vanilla base and general ingredients, the owners developed their first three recipes, Vanilla, Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip.  After peddling test batches to neighbors and hosting a driveway shave ice party, the feedback was overwhelmingly supportive.  The couple knew the next step was to open an ice cream and shave ice shop.

Opened in August 2021 in Davie, FL, Sweet Aloha Ice Cream serves homemade and small-batch ice cream and hosts the Haole Boys Shave Ice through at an in-store service counter.  Quickly becoming a favorite among locals, Sweet Aloha Ice Cream continues to gain popularity while spreading aloha throughout South Florida.

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