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Local Artisanal Ice Cream Shop Launches Peeps Ice Cream flavor

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Peeps Ice Cream is one of the many seasonal and homemade creations at South Florida’s locally-owned Sweet Aloha Ice Cream

DAVIE, Florida, April 1, 2023. – Spring has arrived and locally-owned artisanal ice cream shop, Sweet Aloha Ice Cream, is hopping into the Easter holiday season launching one of its tastiest ice cream creations yet, Peeps Ice Cream. Peeps lovers rejoice, this new ice cream concoction is available in traditional Peeps yellow or pink colors and boasts the sweet marshmallow-y flavor complimented with homemade mini Peeps-inspired marshmallows folded into the ice cream. The new Peeps Ice Cream is already available in-store and will be available for online ordering and delivery service beginning April 1, 2023. (

Easter never tasted as sweet! Enjoy a fresh scoop, or two, in a cup or on a cone or order the Peeps Signature Sundae or Milkshake topped with homemade whipped cream topping, blue or pink sugar coating and mini-marshmallows and adorn with your color choice of Peeps Marshmallow Bunny!

Sweet Aloha Ice Cream is thrilled to introduce Peeps Ice Cream for the upcoming Easter holiday season. For our company, we enjoy creating unique and flavorful experiences for customers, said Jimmy Anderson, Owner at Sweet Aloha ice Cream. “For many of us, Peeps is a nostalgic Easter treat so creating this new flavor combo made perfect sense. The resulting Peeps Ice Cream flavor and texture is certainly Peeptastic!”

The Peeps Ice Cream, Signature Sundae and Milkshake will be available in at Sweet Aloha Ice Creams’ Davie, Florida store through April 16.

Promotion Flavor:

Peeps Ice Cream, Yellow or Pink

Promotional Sundae:

Peeps Signature Sundae

Homemade Peeps Ice Cream with marshmallow drizzle, topped with homemade whipped topping, yellow or pink sugar coating and mini-marshmallows and adorned with a PeepsÒ Marshmallow Bunny.

Promotional Milkshake:

Peeps Signature Milkshake

Homemade Peeps Ice Cream blended into a smooth and creamy milkshake with marshmallow drizzle, topped with homemade whipped topping, yellow or pink sugar coating and mini-marshmallows and adorned with a PeepsÒMarshmallow Bunny.

About Sweet Aloha Ice Cream

Sweet Aloha Ice Cream offers homemade traditional and tropical ice cream and handcrafted authentic Hawaiian shave ice. All ice cream recipes are homemade with a premium dairy mix locally sourced from Florida farms. Test batches are manufactured on-site with wholesome and natural ingredients, whenever possible. Our shave ice is comprised of finely shave ice from blocks of ice made in-house, and syrup recipes are made with pure cane sugar, never any high-fructose corn syrup.

For more information, visit or follow Sweet Aloha on social media @sweetalohaicecream.


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